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Standing in the big environment of artificial intelligence, we will use our wisdom to empower the industry and service partners, and strive to create a rich and colorful intelligent world

Our Services

Since the beginning of AI intelligence, it has closely followed the pulse of technology development and the development direction of the industry. With years of industry experience, so far, we can provide complete solutions based on Xilinx、Qualcomm、Hisilicon、Rockchips、Amlogic, etc., and can provide customers with high-quality products, boards and all-round technical consultation. Quick response and high quality are always our tenet.

Product design

It mainly involves: Self Design of new products; Board customization, foreign drawing design, improved design of old products, quantifiable technical consultation, open source of system modules and sharing of design data.

System customization

According to the needs of the product end, we add or cut specific functional modules for Android and Linux system, which has achieved the goal of stable and efficient operation of the system.

Board design

Provide targeted design of hardware board for complete software and hardware requirements, specifically involving material selection, schematic design, PCB design, producibility design, etc., and provide complete production data.

PCBA proofing

According to the specific work requirements of customers, we can analyze the front-end requirements, develop and debug the prototype, and specifically involve the system customization of internal modules, board design, etc., which are not described here separately.

Technical support

When developing products of a certain industry, customers are involved in the consultation and confirmation of pre feasibility verification of specification definition, software and hardware development, product strategy, etc.

Material purchasing agent

If customers are limited by the product development environment and the company's operation mode, and need to purchase from outside, and it is not convenient to complete, they can provide such supporting service materials and product procurement.

Demo board sales

aiirobo was born with the goal of customer-centered and "one-stop" service for customers. In the era of AI, subdivided market, unique demand and various categories are no longer the era of few categories and large quantities in the past. Stable modules, mature boards, complete SDK, system level original code and all-round technical consultation should belong to this era. Think what you want and do what you need. The colorful world of wisdom sets sail from here.

About Our Company

"aiirobo" is customer-centered, providing customers with "one-stop" embedded system development and a full range of technical consulting services.


Who we are?

As a leading embedded system product and technology provider in the industry, since its establishment in 2017, the company has accurately positioned embedded Android and Linux system products and technologies, focused on artificial intelligence, machine vision, edge computing and other key technologies, and assisted and accelerated the productization and technological innovation in the fields of intelligent passage, AI security, future city, etc. It has formed a comprehensive technology system from hardware, driver, system and application, and has strong technology development and service capabilities. As a technology driven enterprise, iroB always adheres to customer-centric, technology as the core competitiveness, and is committed to creating a rich and colorful intelligent world.

We are standing in the era of AI. The concept of "digitalization, networking and intellectualization" has brought about a qualitative change in human life. The intellectualization of specific modules and the marginalization of data processing have been gradually rooted in the hearts of the people. Irobo aims to provide customers with overall solutions and "one-stop" services, quietly waiting for partners.

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